Thursday, March 1, 2012


Definition of lipoescultura
Treats itself about a procedure of the cosmetic surgery that it takes the body as a purpose "esculpir", to be able to give him a form mas stylized and attractive. It is very important to stress that the lipoescultura is not a method to go down weight, but rather it those rebellious zones shape and to eliminate that often neither with the daily exercise nor with the diets the possible one to eradicate of our body.

Generally, the costs of a lipoescultura variant notably, this is because it is necessary to to realize a previous diagnosis to know the quantity of adipose fabric to remove and the involved zones. For it to know all that costs a lipoescultura is advisable to visit the plastic surgeon, in the same way as hariamos for any other cosmetic surgery.

Lipoescultura And Beauty
Undoubtedly the purpose of this surgery is eminently aesthetic, for it always it is suitable to realize it for experienced surgeons who compromise neither our health nor our potential beauty. For it always as collection also it is suitable to request the professional or the Clinic him, photos of before and despues. Generally the zones mas awkward or rebellious to that the patients resort to the treatment of lipoescultura are: The abdomen, waist, flanks (comumente called ¨flotadores ¨), external face of thighs, face hospitalizes of thighs, hip " or knee-breeches ".
Also other zones exist: knees, ankles, arms, back, cheeks. The liposuction must be realized for plastic surgeons experienced on the procedure, to avoid aesthetic complications of nature and of health. It is very common to see lipoesculturas not very well realized that they can leave irregularities in the skin of the patient, bony "wells". Of all forms if the liposuction is realized by plastic surgeons by experience, the results are in the habit of being in the main successful and offer to the big patients satisfactions. Once taken the desición, the patient must carry out a series of examinations prequirurgicos to state that he is in conditions clinical of carrying out the lipoescultura.

Once in the operating room, the liposuction is generally realized by local anesthesia and a support or sedation so called neuroleptoanalgesia, which it does that the patient meets a degree of relatively important absence, like not to have to feel the effects of traumeticos of the intervention. The plastic surgeon works, first placing liquid of Klein, "to "soften" the adipose fabric to fat. Then, by means of cannulas of only millimeters of diameter connected to a special vacuum cleaner, the fat is removed, with ascending and descending movements. The quantity of fat that can extract to him for lipoesculpir a human body has a clinical limit that in no case must excel.  This limit depends on every patient especially, for what it is necessary to have a professional consultation to know every case in especifíco not to suffer a possible decompensation during the intervention. Finished the lipoaspiraciçón, a few special strips are placed in the zones lipoaspiradas, that fulfill the function to compress laz zones and to avoid edemas like that and the separation of the fabric. Generally the mísmas are in use in uninterrupted form for approximately twenty days. After finished the lipoescultura, the patient will stay in observation a time deteminado, that generally goes from two to four hours. Always it is necessary to take antibiotics in preventive character after the surgery, since to be present from time to time at the controls port Surgical to correct any disadvantage in time, like this way also to realize the correct treatments of a lipoescultura, as any other surgery. .Es a surgical technology very spread and accepted inside the field of the plastic surgery, which allows to extract the adipose corporal fabric, of a very simple and fast way from the application of the effects of the beam laser. Procedure: The first thing that is done is to sedate the patient in 40 minutes. In this space the laser produces the "break" that allows the exit of the fat of the intercellular spaces towards the exterior. A bundle of light concentrated travels for the optical fiber towards the oily fabric transforming it into a thick substance (production of fototermólisis), Facilitating the suction across a few bombs connected to the cannulas of extraction. The bruises and hemorrhages turn out to be minimal, due to the fact that in the lipoescultura laser blood glasses are not extracted as in the traditional lipoescultura. The treatment indicates specially to persons that having a weight that does not overcome the limits of the normal thing, they do not manage to eliminate small zones of accumulated fat or cellulite somewhere of the body with physical exercise not with food diets. The people are in the habit of choosing this method because local anesthesia is in use, few blood gets lost very and the recovery is very brief (not more than 3 days after the operation). It is in use for reducing specially adiposities that center in the cérvico-facial zone, arms, abdomen, waist, hip and thighs.
It is counter
indicated only to cases of preexisting pathologies as renal insufficiency, cardiopathies, cancer, tumors and diabetes, between others. The lipoescultura laser is realized only by highly qualified professionals and in the centers of health due autiorizados. Before any surgery a series of studies must be realized as a detailed clinical evaluation of the patient and laborator analysis. In spite of the big achievements and advances of the lipoescultura, it is necessary to clarify that it is not possible to extract the totality of the corporal fat, since there exist small limits of adiposity that only trained well surgeons can determine, of between 300 and 500 grams. In addition, the forecasts of results to obtaining differentiate in agreement to different variables of every patient, as habits, contextura physics, age, etc. The results are immediate, but after 2 or 3 weeks of realized the treatment they improve considerably, since it is necessary to wait necessarily that the zone me deflate after the lipoescultura.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What is the liposuction?

A liposuction is a surgical operation that consists of eliminating fats absorbing them with a few small pipes.

 To realize a liposuction correctly first the zones must be specified to treating noticing principally the zones in which it is necessary to absorb major quantity of fat, later the pipes of absorption are penetrated in different directions in order that the skin receives well his more limited new volume.

 Once finished the absorption puts on one bandages for the regions where the pipes have been introduced so as to support the cutaneous tension of a vertical way to fight against adversities. These are of way summarized the principal phases to carry out a liposuction.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


The technologies of extraction of oily fabric accumulated in the body or liposuction constitute one of the major advances of the aesthetic medicine of the 20th century. Before, the only way of extracting the remaining fat was extirpating directly the adipose heaps, leaving big scars, and constituting major surgical risks.

 Besides these treatments, it exists diverse types of liposuction that only they can be realized under the recommendation of qualified professionals who attend to the needs as well as to the possibilities of every patient, since the suitable information can avoid unwanted results.

 Always previous studies must be realized to know the general condition of the patient and then to determine the procedure adapted for each one.
The most used methods are:
 Liposuction tumescente (for injection of liquid): It is the most common type of treatment. It consists of the application of a great quantity of a mixture of local anesthesics and epinerina (that serves to reduce the bled one and the bruises) in the areas to extirpating. This procedure is in the habit of taking more time that the others.

 Liposuction with humid technology: It is a procedure similar to the previous one but into that minor quantity of liquid is injected. This technology is more rapid but it is in the habit of needing that a general anesthesia is applied to the patient.
 Liposuction represented by ultrasound: This technology began to be realized in The United States in 1996, and it consists of the liquefaction of the adipose cells from ultrasonic vibrations. The oily material goes on to a semiliquid and at the time condition is inhaled across a few special cannulas.
 This procedure is very recommended when one tries to extract fat of fibrous or dense areas of the body, as the back or mammary fabric in the men.
 Some disadvantages that it has are the possibility of cutaneous necrosis or burns being caused.
 Liposuction represented by electrical engine: In this procedure there is in use an electrical engine that realizes on the cannula a movement of sway by means of which the adipose fabric is extirpated. It is in the habit of being little used by the difficulty of his sterilization and by his fragility
 Liposuction for compressed or medicinal air: This one is the most new technology that is realized in this surgical procedure. Practically he does not carry risks for the patient, is of simple use and does not need maintenance. In addition, the recovery for the patient is in the habit of being more rapid than with other systems.
 The process is clear of a pneumatic engine that it offers to the cannula sway, vibration and rotation, facilitating the process of aspiration of the emulsified fat.

 The liposuction has gained followers' great quantity in the whole world, since it allows to solve in a little time aesthetic problems related to the fixation of adipose material in slightly suitable parts of the body.

 Nevertheless, though it seems to be simple, it is not necessary to forget that it is a question of a surgical intervention, with all the benefits, risks and effects that it implies.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Lipoescultura Without Surgery

 The lipoescultura without surgery achieves thanks to an innovative technology that it allows to eliminate the warehouses of fat. The Ultracavitacion is a technology by means of focused ultrasound that destroys in selective form the adipose cells. In the Argentina, this technology - already spread in Europe and in Asia - is available for a few years, and already it has been used to treat hundreds of women and men who choose her because it is not invasive.
 How is it the procedure?

 Ultrasound focused on the zones is devoted at treating, provoking the lisis of the adipocitos, or oily cells. The system possesses a software that monitors real time the treated area, not to superpose shots. This way, the membrane of the adipose cells is destroyed in selective form without damaging the surrounding fabrics. Then, the oily acids are liberated to the way and metabolized across the liver.
 What zones can treat?

 Abdomen, waist, "knee-breeches", flanks, buttocks, thighs and back. The treatment is orientated to the reduction of located adiposities, or alterations of the corporal contour that are not eliminated by diet.
 How many meetings it needs?

 The treatment includes from 4 to 10 meetings, depending on every patient and zone to treating. For every application it is possible to diminish the corporal contour up to 6 cm in average. One recommends to practise a suitable diet and to realize gymnastics to be able to support in the time the obtained result.
 Is it sure?

 This technology is approved by the National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology and for the Administration of Food and Medicaments of Canada (FDA, for his initials in English), between other organisms of control.
 When is not it recommended?

 This one is not a treatment for the widespread obesity. It is not indicated for persons who should have hepatic disorders, elevation of the cholesterol and the triglicéridos in blood or alterations of the coagulation. Neither, for whom they have weakness or suffer such food disorders as anorexia or bulimia, or dismorfofobias - perception deformed of the physical aspect-.

Friday, October 7, 2011

That is the liposuction

 The liposuction is one the most practised cosmetic surgeries. The liposuction is the process of removing the fat in specific areas of our body across the suction of the fat. The most common liposuctions are:




       Buttocks (behind)

       Top torso. 

 Some persons use it in the face, the arms, and up to the knees. In Latin person America the liposuction is used in all the countries and is very popular.
 The traditional liposuction uses an instrument that is inserted in the skin to suck the fat under local or general anesthesia. The extracted fat is placed in bottles or other containers or used for lipoinjertos in the same patient.
The liposuction touches neither the nerves nor the blood glasses. Depending on the area the procedure lasts from one to two hours for section. Usually it does not need hospitalization and the time of convalescence is one or two days before joining to the daily activities but the pain and discomforts last for two weeks or more.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

ULTRACAVITACION (Liposuction without Surgeries)

It is a treatment indicated for those healthy persons who do not have hepatic or renal problems, which want to improve the aspect of his body without having to come to the surgery. It allows us to realize treatments of oily located warehouses and cellulite. Very adapted for abdomen, hips, cases, face hospitalizes of thighs and knees, arms and back …

 It does not have any side effect, is not painful (only a certain heat is obvious in the treated zone) and does not need test of allergy. Only it is recommended to use before and after the treatment a lot of hydration.
 The content of fat of these cells or triglicéridos they fragment in diglicéridos, being eliminated of natural form across the systems urinary and lymphatic.
The emission of ultrasounds to level of the external surface of the skin produces changes of pressure in the intermediate liquid of the oily fabric, generating microbubbles (cavities) that first implosionan and later they explode. This overpressure destroys the oily cells.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Types of liposuction

Sometimes we meet that exist different types of liposuctions, later we explain brief the principal types that exist:

     * There is the traditional liposuction in which the professional breaks in a slight way capillaries extracting fat close to mixed blood, it is not sure to extract many quantity of blood for what we will fix a maximum of extraction in 2 liters of fat.
 * The lipoescultura (in this link also we speak about her) extracts the fat that one finds immediately under the skin. This type of liposuction allows us a better managing of the region to treating since the skin shrinks much better.
 * The ultrasonic liposuction (more information in this link) consists of applying an ultrasonic wave, East method allows to extract the fat with more facility.
These waves have some advantages with respect with the previous liposuctions as for example that does not break any cutaneous structure what leads that the loss of blood is minor and cutaneous treated regiones can be more extensive, also due to the fact that they do not touch arteries it is possible to carry out in zones as the back.
 * Finally we are going to observe the type of three-dimensional liposuction that is a combination of the lipoescultura with the ultrasonic waves. In this case the ultrasonic waves take charge of the deep zones of the skin inhaling the skin of this region whereas the lipoescultura takes place in the surface of the skin extracting the fat near to the superficial dermis. It is necessary to indicate that the three-dimensional liposuction can transport some risks as allergies with the products used between others, these adversities they can excel doing a primary study of the patient.